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Bare Consulting – Bare Digital


2022 marks Bare’s seventh year in operations. Seven years! Time flies when you’re having fun. And like every business, we’ve evolved and matured a lot during this time.  

The services we offered on day one, 14 April 2015 to be exact, are not the services that we offer today.

After 15 years in marketing roles for global organisations, I was used to working in a consulting capacity with agencies and design teams to support campaign delivery. I naturally operated in a similar capacity upon starting my own business, but I soon learnt it wasn’t what I enjoyed doing. I’m a creator. A doer. Why instruct others to bring my ideas into fruition when it’s far more efficient, effective, and fun to do it myself? 

So I spent the first two years upskilling between projects. I learnt to code. I took courses in the latest software programs for graphic and motion design. I researched the best website and software platforms for various functions and outcomes and tested them extensively. 

Long story short, Bare isn’t a team of ‘consultants’, and we haven’t been for some time.  

We’re a team of doers. And what do we do? Predominantly, we deliver digital marketing products and services. So it was about time our business name reflected that. 


So it’s goodbye Bare Consulting, and hello Bare Digital. 

If you’re a client, keen eyes may have noticed Bare Digital Pty Ltd on your invoices since July 2020. That’s because we started this process early in 2020 and changed all the accounts and boring legal stuff at the start of FY21. Thanks to a little thing called COVID, demand for websites and digital sales platforms was huge in 2020/2021 and as always, your projects come ahead of our own. 


How does it affect you? 

For one, our emails have changed. Where we were, we’re now The same prefix before the @, just trade out the old domain for the new. On the plus side, it’s quicker to type. 

Secondly, some of the services we offered years ago will no longer be on the books. Rather than taking the scattergun approach and taking on anything and everything, we’ll just be sticking to the things we do really well. Which is…


  • WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Website Hosting


  • Graphic Design – Logos, Corporate Branding & Marketing Collateral
  • Motion Graphics


  • Corporate Virtual & Hybrid (Physical + Virtual) Events
  • Event Marketing


  • Marketing Strategy & Messaging
  • Technology Deployment & Integration
  • Cybersecurity

While we won’t be offering services apart from the above going forward, we still have an incredible network that we can recommend for a multitude of tasks. From IT support to HR consultants, bookkeepers, business coaches, SEO agencies, social media consultants, photographers, videographers, lawyers, and more. Let us know what you need, and if we can’t assist, we’ll be more than happy to make an introduction if we know someone who can. 


What’s in it for you?

The main benefit of operating this way is zero outsourcing, zero staff turnover and minimal overheads to keep rates reasonable. 

As the person you talk to is the person working on your deliverables, we can develop a solid understanding of your business and provide realistic deadlines and projected outcomes. There’s no bringing a new account manager up to speed every 6 months, watching deadlines creep, or being unable to get a hold of the right person to resolve an issue.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Phil or myself at any time to chat. We’re really excited about the year ahead and can’t wait to support you in growing your business in 2022!