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There’s a time and place for long and short-form copy, but it’s worth keeping in mind that if you don’t hook them in via your headlines or opening text, they won’t get to the detail. 

Here a handful of copy hooks we’ve found grab people’s attention and encourage them to take action. 

Us vs Them

What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

Think Apple vs Microsoft. Apple’s early marketing compared an Apple user (your everyday guy) to a PC user (a stiff business type). Use your messaging to force people to pick a team, your team.


You like positive acknowledgement, you care about your appearance, you like nice things… status is something everyone cares about in one way or another.

Marketing often conveys transformation. Be seen as that person ‘going places’, take market share – elevate your status.

So, does your product or service elevate someone’s status?


If I can’t have it, I want it. Things are more valuable when less available, so it’s a powerful persuasion tool.

It’s not advisable to market a product as scarce if it actually isn’t; your credibility and authenticity will ultimately take a hit. But you can use the tactic for non-scarce products or services. Think limited-time discounts or early-bird event pricing.


Would you rather sit in VIP or general admission?

Where scarcity limits everyone’s access to something, exclusivity is picky about who has access in the first place. Another tactic that’s best not manufactured, it works well where you have genuine qualifications for users to obtain access. Think things like invitation-only events or product access for only top tier clients.