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Simple question, complicated answer. 

There is no shortage of options, and that’s what makes it so hard to pick one action to start with. 

Before you kick off any marketing, you need to be able to clearly answer these questions:

  1. OFFER: What are the product/service features & benefits? 
  2. TARGETING: Who will find the offer beneficial? Be specific.  
  3. TRAFFIC: How will people find out about it? 
  4. COPY: How will you articulate your offer? 
  5. DESIGN: Is your design professional, and does it lead people down a path?

Firstly, your offer.  What are you offering, and importantly, how is it unique or better than the competition? Don’t be too general here. Segment your various products/services if need be so you can drill into the specifics. 

As there is no point investing in marketing to the wrong people, ice and Eskimos and all that, who is your audience?  What does your average user look like – their demographics, motivations, challenges, values and interests.  What does your aspirational audience look like? 

The third factor, traffic, falls into two categories – Organic (from search, social sharing, referrals etc.) and Paid (pay-per-click, ads). Organic is great as it’s “free”,  but it’s difficult to predict how much traffic you’ll get and for how long.  Paid on the other hand can create a more predictable stream of leads, but requires a budget commitment. 

Finally, your ability to convert depends on how compelling your copy is and how it’s presented.  Have you got persuasive bullets and headlines, and are you bringing attention to the key points?  Do the colours, graphics and images used generate the right emotions? 

In a nutshell:

  • Your offer needs to appeal to your audience.
  • Your traffic can be determined by where your audience spends their time. 
  • The copy sells the offer, and the design strengthens the copy. 

We’re always here to help you strategise each of the elements and suggest the right marketing tactic for you. If you need help, reach out to us here.