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We get it, you’re busy.  You don’t have time to remember 50+ passwords, so you use the same one or two to quickly access your online accounts. 

Maybe your password is something easy to remember like your dog’s name and year of birth, your highschool nickname and favourite number, but using the same or weak passwords makes your accounts easy to hack.  

Once Evil Corp has your password, they can potentially steal your cash, your identity and your professional reputation.

How to avoid it?  Use a password manager like LastPass

You just need to remember one login (your LastPass login) and you can have different, complex and long passwords (15+ characters) for each of your accounts to make the chances of being compromised much lower. 

There are LastPass add-ons for Google Chrome and Safari, so once it’s set up it will auto-populate logins for you making it a time-saver in the long run too.