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Your work lifestyle revitalised

Cloisters, a building complex in the Perth CBD, underwent a $70 million redevelopment in 2015, transforming it into a modern office and retail destination. Seeking to align their digital presence with the quality of their new facilities, Cloisters approached us to redevelop their website and implement effective marketing strategies to enhance tenant satisfaction, draw more footfall to retail tenancies and attract potential future tenants. Our collaboration led to the development of a comprehensive suite of branding and marketing solutions, including a website, marketing campaigns, collateral, signage, stationary templates, and digital marketing campaigns.

For the Cloisters website, we crafted a dynamic and user-friendly platform. To entice potential tenants, we showcased prominent building features and initiatives, such as their sustainability program. For casual visitors, we curated informative profiles for each retail tenant, complete with vibrant imagery and convenient links to essential items like menus. To cater to existing tenants, we implemented a secure tenant resources area and request management system, streamlining administrative tasks and bolstering tenant satisfaction. In response to evolving needs, in 2020 we expanded the website to include a visitor check-in and verification system, aligning with COVID-19 risk management protocols.

With tenant satisfaction as a top priority, we’ve developed high-impact marketing campaigns to promote various activities, from Family Fun Days to Shop to Win promotions. Previous campaigns have featured social media marketing, large-format motion graphics for LED video walls, scratch cards, merchandise and more. Leveraging targeted strategies and engaging content, these campaigns have effectively increased awareness and enhanced Cloister’s reputation as a vibrant destination for work and play.