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Egan Drilling

Innovative Rigs. Experienced Crews

Egan Drilling, a reputable West Australian family-owned business with a three-generation legacy, sought to elevate its online presence to reflect its longstanding expertise in reverse circulation and water bore drilling. Entrusting us with their website redevelopment, the objective was to create an informative and visually engaging platform that highlighted their experience, history, and cutting-edge drilling capabilities.

Our approach focused on integrating Egan Drilling’s legacy into a modern and visually captivating website. Through strategic text highlights, we emphasised their multi-generational family ownership and extensive experience in the mining sector. High-quality imagery showcasing their rigs and operations further enhanced the visual appeal, giving visitors a glimpse into the company’s capabilities and fostering trust.

Moving forward, Egan Drilling’s website serves as a powerful tool to attract new clients, showcase their capabilities, and solidify their position as a trusted partner for drilling projects.