Hannah’s House

Helping children to live their best quality life

Hannah’s House provides health and support services to children and young adults through to 18 who have life-threatening or complex conditions.

A vital community service, Hannah’s House provide a range of in-home health and respite services to support physical, mental and social wellbeing, with a whole family approach. 


Simple Yet Informative

Hannah’s House approached us to redevelop its online presence from an outdated, very basic website.

Caring for children with complex conditions can be a highly stressful and emotional experience for families. So our approach to their new website was simple – we wanted to create a visually appealing information hub for families with straightforward navigation so they could find required information quickly.

The design targets adults and children alike, with bright colours, animations, and vibrant images to engage and delight. The fun and friendly nature of the website, along with the use of case studies, videos and photos of Hannah’s House kids, aims to instil confidence and reflect the positive and nurturing nature of the Hannah’s House team.

To minimise administration burdens on staff, we added key features to facilitate referrals from agencies and health providers and incorporated recruitment and human resources forms and workflows to prequalify contacts and optimise response speeds.

The outcome is a bright, welcoming website that is as inviting as it is informative.

Whether visitors are seeking support for their child, looking to provide a referral or want to support Hannah’s House to continue their marvellous work, they can do so quickly and easily on any device.