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Jalexiam Legal

Experienced & Results-Driven

I have been a repeat client for Bare for years because Rachel immediately understands what I need for my business and effectively translates my garbled thought bubbles into beautiful and effective products.

Website, logo and business cards from Bare are always exactly what I was after and better than I hoped for.  In short, Rachel is engaging, talented, creative, effective and responsive; everything I need from a marketing consultant.

David Winch

Jalexiam Legal, a new legal firm poised for launch, recognised the importance of establishing a robust brand identity to convey authority and professionalism in the legal industry. They approached us to develop their brand architecture and create a corresponding website that would reflect their values and expertise.

Drawing upon our past collaborations with the Jalexiam Legal team, we created a strong, contemporary visual identity that would reflect their qualities and establish authority in the legal field. Central to this was the creation of a dynamic monogram that incorporated the initials of the firm’s name. This monogram served as a distinctive graphic element across various collateral, reinforcing the brand identity as distinctly Jalexiam Legal.

Careful consideration was given to colour selection, recognising the strong subliminal association colours carry. Gold accents were chosen to symbolise success and achievement in outcomes, while dark navy shades were utilised to convey confidence and strength.

In parallel with brand development, we created a clean and simple website for Jalexiam Legal, prioritising straightforward user experience and clear presentation of information. The website served as a digital platform to showcase the firm’s expertise, services, and values, further reinforcing their professionalism and credibility.