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Rusty Fig

Modern Fine Dining

Graham Jessop, the accomplished Head Chef and owner of Rusty Fig, entrusted us with defining the visual identity of his fine dining establishment in Perth’s CBD. The brief included creating a new logo, website, and menu template that would capture the essence of Rusty Fig while paying homage to the historic site where the restaurant is located. Gracing the restaurant’s deck is an iconic heritage-listed Port Jackson Fig tree, otherwise known as a ‘Rusty Fig’. This tree, at over 130 years old, became the inspiration for our design journey.

Our logo design centred around a sophisticated and modern visual representation of the Port Jackson Fig. The logo serves as an elegant nod to the restaurant’s connection with the city’s heritage and the enduring nature of both the iconic tree and Rusty Fig itself. The colour palette and typography were carefully chosen to convey a sense of refinement and exclusivity, aligning with the fine dining experience offered.

The website was conceptualised as a virtual extension of the restaurant’s ambience and culinary philosophy. A sleek and user-friendly design was implemented to provide an immersive online experience for potential patrons. High-quality imagery, capturing the essence of the restaurant’s interior and culinary creations, was integrated into the website to entice visitors. The seamless integration of their online reservations system adds to the convenience for customers, and a live feed of Google Reviews increases trust and consumer confidence.

Rusty Fig’s brand identity positions it as more than just a fine dining restaurant; it is an immersive culinary experience that pays homage to Perth’s heritage. Our collaboration translated the restaurant’s unique charm into the digital realm, enhancing its overall brand presence and attracting a discerning clientele.