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Sevs Pics

Influencer & TikTok Consultant

Renowned TikTok influencer Seva Mozhaev needed to redevelop his website, Sevs Pics, to shift the focus from being an individual content creator to a professional service provider. With a massive following on TikTok, Sev recognised the opportunity to leverage his expertise to help businesses capitalise on the power of TikTok for lead generation and brand growth. We embarked on a journey with Sev to develop a website that showcased his current services and projected his aspirational goals, establishing his brand as a trusted authority and unlocking new revenue streams.

Following a content development workshop to map out his business aspirations and differentiators, we crafted a sleek and dynamic website tailored to showcase Sev’s expertise and services in TikTok marketing. The website highlights Sev’s journey from teacher to wedding photographer to influencer, positioning him as an expert in navigating the evolving landscape of TikTok and social media marketing. Clear and compelling language was used to convey Sev’s unique approach and the benefits of leveraging TikTok for business growth, positioning Sev as the leading authority in TikTok marketing.

With a professional and aspirational brand image, Sevs Pics is now well-equipped to attract corporate clients, secure new leads, and generate revenue streams beyond Sev’s individual influencer status to capitalise on emerging market opportunities.