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Fiercely fabulous, functional accessories

Established in 2018, Vermillion embarked on a mission to redefine fashion accessories by merging style with practicality. Before their brand launch, they approached us to develop a comprehensive brand suite, e-commerce website, and captivating marketing collateral to showcase their unique accessories on social, digital and traditional marketing platforms.

The aim was to prioritise both aesthetics and functionality, much like their products. When considering the design direction, we wanted the brand’s visual representation to match their brand values – Vermillion is bold, energetic, and adventurous. With that in mind, we moved production to Bali, where we could produce several photo and video shoots at a lower cost than Australia while capitalising on some of the fantastic talent and locations that Bali has to offer. The resulting outputs gave Vermillion a library of media assets to showcase their fabulous accessories and attract customers.

Moving to the website, we combined the high-energy photo and video content with motion graphics, easy navigation, and strong differentiator and value statements to provide a simple, engaging shopping experience. Product bundles and scaled shipping discounts encourage the purchase of multiple items in single transactions, and a robust administration system allows for the quick and easy fulfilment of products by the Vermillion team.

Fast-forward to early 2020, and the looming threat of COVID-19 was becoming apparent. We suggested Vermillion pivot, and fast, to capitalise on the growing demand for face masks. By marketing their products as face mask chains, Vermillion provided customers with a stylish solution to keep their face masks free from surface contamination and accessible while adding a fun element to everyday wear. We delivered a photo and video shoot and new marketing collateral on quick turnaround, enabling them to launch new marketing campaigns while mask candidates were in still place. By supporting Vermillion to pivot to meet the evolving needs of its customers, our partnership underscores the significance of collaboration in seizing opportunities.